Local Council Web site Guidelines

As long as they observe the Rules and Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America, local councils are free to develop their own applications of Internet and Web technology. Over time, many local councils will decide to publish under the National Council umbrella for hosting, content, and technical support. For those that continue to publish independently, we have set up guidelines to help councils build the Scouting brand and protect employees, volunteers, and members.

While local councils may establish their own policies concerning their use of the Internet, the National Council will only recognize as “official” those sites that have followed the numbered guidelines below. The National Council will not acknowledge or provide links to any council site that does not meet these guidelines. The guidelines may be altered or amended to provide updated information, and councils will be notified when that happens.

  1. Council Web sites must be hosted off-site at a hosting facility and may not be connected in any way to the local council’s internal network.
  2. The council must have direct control over the content of its official Web site.
  3. The content of the council site must be appropriate to the Scouting movement.
  4. The council site cannot contain links to any sites that contain material that is not appropriate to the Scouting movement.
  5. The council site cannot contain any advertisements or commercial endorsements.
  6. The council site cannot engage in the electronic sale of BSA Supply Division merchandise or competing products.
  7. The council site cannot replicate any BSA publication currently for sale through the Supply Division.
  8. Council sites must abide by all laws regarding copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property, and by those pertaining to the Internet.
  9. Council sites must consider the safety and privacy of their members and participants by obtaining the necessary permissions to release information about or images of any individual.